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Waiting until the victim has fallen and is waiting to be retrieved is the wrong time to be making decisions about how to safely get the worker down.

The worker had taken the time to prep for his job, which included inspecting his fall arrest equipment and scoping out a solid anchorage point that could safety be reached while maintaining 100 percent connection. As this scenario continued to play out, when the worker fell, he transitioning into a safe deceleration as his energy absorbed activated to bring him to a (relatively) comfortable stop.

Planning for Safe Rescue:

Normal conditions:  Expected work conditions are considered to be acceptable. Worker should have a “game plan” for how they expect the work to play out.

Alert condition:  These are condition where something has not gone according to plan but steps can be taken to avoid an incident or fall from occurring.

Emergency condition:  When an incident occurs, a worker becomes immobile/incapacitated at heights, requiring quick retrieval for further care.

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